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Casa de Fe: A Story of How Love and Faith Can Make a Difference to Someone

Casa de Fe: A Story of How Love and Faith Can Make a Difference to Someone

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"Casa de Fe" is a book written by one of our Board members and longtime friend of the ministry, Kathy Starkey, with illustrations done by her son Andy.

Here is what Kathy had to share about why she wrote this book:

"It was over twenty years ago that I met Ester and her four young daughters: Erica, Angelica, and twins, Paola and Paulina, in Reynosa, Mexico. One day while we were playing beside the piles of sand, gravel, and blocks, Angelica told me that she was very happy about the new house we were working to build them. She said she was excited and grateful that she would be able to sleep in a warm and dry bed when the rain and wind came again.

Little Angelica’s gratitude for something I too easily take for granted touched my 'entitled' heart. I became filled with remorse that I could be so assuming of my own comfortable shelter. I remembered her sweet voice every time the rain pelted my windows and thought about how it may have felt to her. Her story and her truly thankful and faithful heart was my inspiration for the simple story in 'Casa de Fe.'"

All profits from the book will go to help make a difference in the lives of families just like Ester's living on the border in Mexico.


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